Filigreed Sterling Pendant, formed sterling Flower with 14K Gold center

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Scott Hardy B. 1957

Filigreed Sterling Pendant, formed sterling Flower with 14K Gold center

on a 20 inch Natural Spiderweb Turquoise/Antique Sterling Desert Pearl disks.

Pair of Sterling Filigree Earrings with formed Sterling Flowers on both ends and finished with 14K Gold centers

Estimate: $2,900

Scott Hardy, a fifth-generation stockman, understands the dedication required to excel. Though largely self-taught, Hardy acknowledges the influence of modern masters Al Pecetti and Mark Drain. A full-time silversmith and engraver since 1981, Hardy has been honoured by the Academy of Western Artists, receiving the 2001 Will Rogers Award as Engraver of the Year. In 1994 his entry was judged Best of Show at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. Hardy was commissioned by the Calgary Stampede to create 100 hand-engraved silver and gold buckles commemorating the Stampede's 2012 Centennial. Canada Post issued a stamp featuring Hardy's buckle to celebrate the Stampede's centennial making Hardy the first silversmith with work featured on a Canadian stamp.

"Embellishing horse and rider with precious metals is a tradition as old as man on horseback. Crossing tribal and cultural boundaries, silver and gold trappings have expressed the pride of horsemen throughout the millennia. The image of the cowboy still stirs our ideals of independence, integrity and freedom, while appreciation of things well-made, by hand, flourishes in this age of mass production and mediocrity." ~ Scott Hardy

Hardy is one of two Canadian founding members of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association, a group which represents the elite artists in the four disciplines of the cowboy arts: silversmithing, rawhide braiding, saddle making and bit and spur making. He currently serves as President of the TCAA.