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Patrick Landes B. 1944

Silent Partners

18x24” oil

Estimate - $950 - $1,200

In 1993, after 20 years in the applied arts, Patrick Landes had the good fortune to reacquaint himself with the ranching community of southern Alberta and northern Montana.

The manifestation of this re-acquaintance is in his paintings.  This Alberta artist paints what he knows best and loves most, the ranchlands of the Great Northern Plains.

Self-taught with hands-on studying at the University of “Cowboyology”, Landes learned the value of proficient, balanced presentation as reflected in his preference for painting from the veracity of memory rather than record.  

Limited only by the scope of artistic licence and hard-earned miles of first-hand experience, his interest is to paint the visual language of open horizons, good horses, smart dogs, tough cattle and even tougher people. Aesthetically, his interests are the works of Charles M. Russell, Edward Borein and Jack King.