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Kendel Kinahan B. 1988

Ropin’ Renegades

24x48” oil

Estimate - $2,500 - $3,500

Growing up in a small farming community in Northern Alberta, Kinahan has always found a strong connection with the land. She finds inspiration in the colours and textures that nature provides. Her pieces have primarily been created using acrylic or charcoal, however she has recently discovered the expansive world of painting with oils. Over the years Kinahan has moved around Alberta, gathering bits and pieces of inspiration along the way, however, it wasn't until she moved to the foothills and immersed herself in western culture, that she truly felt at home in her style.

Looking at the evolution of her work you'll see her progression artistically in technique and theme. Through it all, you'll see her true love of the West that Kinahan shares with her collectors – visible in the softness of every brush stroke.