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Neil Hamelin B. 1975

Haulin’ Cash!

11x14" oil

Estimate $1,500-$1,750

Canadian artist Neil Hamelin draws his creative fuel from the weathered wood and peeling paint that serve as silent witnesses to our heritage. Through his oil paintings, he masterfully resurrects forgotten tales and adventures, weaving narratives of bygone eras through the people, homesteads, and landscapes long faded from memory.

Hamelin's artistic journey is a nostalgic voyage, as he delves into the past to ignite his imagination and pave a path for these stories into the future. Immersed in the western culture, Hamelin shares a unique bond with the horses, people, and rural lifestyle he portrays, infusing his work with sincerity and firsthand experiences.

While renowned for his captivating portraits, Hamelin's acclaim extends nationally, with his artwork gracing coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint. Among his notable subjects are multiple portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. His pieces adorn the walls of private collectors and corporate spaces worldwide, resonating with audiences who cherish the timeless allure of his craftsmanship.