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Shannon Carla King B. 1971

Proud Paintbrushes

16x40” acrylic

Estimate - $2,500 - $3,000

Shannon Carla King is a Canadian painter who, after 30 years in the energy industry is now a full-time artist focused on capturing the raw, natural beauty of reclamation, preservation and conservation success stories in acrylic paintings.

Her mission is to ensure environmental projects have a voice by reaching new audiences to inform, connect and instill pride in the great work that is being done to protect and heal the earth. Art can help increase environmental literacy by educating audiences on the acts of care for the land. 

King believes that through art, we can facilitate crucial conversations and critical thinking in a way that is balanced and based on data. Her goal is to help individuals and organizations share their commitment of responsible development and land use using landscape paintings as a driver for curiosity.

Proud Paintbrushes” was completed exclusively for the Pure West Art & Artifact Auction. It was inspired by the successful reclamation of the Canmore coal mines to the current recreational area now known as Quarry Lake.