Living in the Foothills 3

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Alison Philpotts B. 1965

Living in the Foothills 3

30x30” acrylic

Estimate - $1,900 - $2,500

Alison Philpotts is self-taught, inspired by the masters, and her father, who is an artist in his own right.

Acrylic paint is her favourite medium. Her paintings are a series of under paintings, layer after layer until the final image has built up and she is confident that there is nothing left to add.

Philpott’s goal is to engage the viewer, to feel the beauty of surrounding nature, through the illusion of vibrant colour palettes. She defines her work as a balance between mastery of technique, an opinion to express and an emotional reaction. She is presently represented by Lineham House gallery in Okotoks, and resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and two sons.