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Dan Strathdee B. 1961

Cloud Nine Cowboy

36x48" oil

Estimate - $4,000 - $6,000

Dan Strathdee paints in both acrylics and oils, starting out in the former medium and then evolving over the years to where he now paints mainly in oils, though his choice of medium still depends on a combination of his vision, inspiration and mood when starting a new project. He is greatly influenced by other artists both past and present, finding inspiration in the past efforts of a group of artists following a style known as Luminism, characterized by effects of light in a landscape. Combining this with depictions of the Canadian and American West, Strathdee likes to create images that stir strong emotions within the viewer, evoking thoughts and memories which centre around subjects such as open spaces, the grandeur of nature, cowboy life and the untamed freedom of the West.

Born in Willowdale, Ontario, Strathdee experienced a nomadic lifestyle growing up, living in Canada, the United States, and the UK, until finally migrating out West in the mid 1990s. He currently resides with his wife and two dogs in White Rock, BC.