Here’s Looking At You

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Brett Heidi B. 1986

Here’s Looking At You

30x24” acrylic

Estimate - $2,800 - $3,200 

Coming from a family immersed in art, Brett Heidi had early exposure to painting, sketching and the study of color and light. As a youth she participated in local and international art contests, eventually taking on custom portraits as well as book illustrations. 

Growing up in a quaint farming community, Heidi developed a respect for animals, appreciation for a simple life and an awe for nature’s unchanging beauty. Having lived in Mexico for six years also infused rich color into her palette. Since 2014, she has developed an individual style that has been by identified by its loose large brushstrokes and the use of under mixed color. She works mostly in acrylic. Her technique with acrylic is inspired by those she used with other mediums such as charcoal, watercolour and oil.  

Brett paints out of her home studio west of Olds, Alberta, where she gathers inspiration from local farm life, mountain wildlife, the weather, music and her husky.