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Leah Lucas B. 1952

Earth Keepers

9x12” oil

Estimate - $900 - $1,200

Leah Lucas was raised in southern Alberta. From early childhood, she reveled in the freedom to explore her world on horseback. She would forever be informed by miles of flat unending 360-degree views, covered with expansive blue skies, butted against the imposing Rockies in the distance.

Developing a deep connection with the natural world, fostered by a profound love and understanding of horses, led to her life’s passion. Says Lucas, “What I value from my connection to the landscape and to horses – freedom, communion, persistence, relying always on the feel of truth, rather than on truth as espoused by others – I bring to my painting. I search always for uncompromising teachers and methods to achieve the best.”

Trained in the representational style, Lucas seeks images to awaken a resonance within, which she aims to translate onto canvas. She reveals, “I never know in advance what will speak to me; therefore, I openly attend to everything, awaiting the inner call that leads to action. Always, there are surprises. As an artist, I aspire to present what may be comfortably familiar in unique and sometimes startling ways.”